Divine Moxie League- Put the *POW* in your everyday life

The place is The Divine Moxie League Headquarters. You'll get one email from me every week. I'll share my candid process, my latest blog or podcast episode + any awesome tips, resources or inspiration that's rockin' my world at the moment ;) All of this is meant as a way to re-connect with our innate and very accessible super-powers. 

Get your *POW* on with the rest of the Moxie Leaguers!
As you can see you can sign up for an array of options, here's a bit of info regarding the different 'lists':
  • Sign up for Elsie's Online Yoga Students if you  would like to receive communication from me regarding new or bonus yoga, virtual events and workshops with me and information regarding Elsie's Yoga Kula or The Divine Moxie League.  
  • Sign up for Yoga Students in Pittsburgh if you would like to receive information regarding when I launch The Divine Moxie League in Pittsburgh, my local yoga classes, workshops and events, plus any relevant information regarding bonus yoga tools and philosophy that I have to offer.
  • Sign up for Elsie's Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged Podcast if you want instant notification when a new podcast episode is up, which will include an intro to the class, plus the corresponding asana sequence! How cool is that? PLUS if there are any videos that go along with the podcast, those links will be included :D
  • Sign up for Yoga Teachers if you would like to receive a very occasional newsletter aimed specifically at yoga teachers and empowering the online Kula, this also includes media products to add to your yoga teacher tool belt, which includes the aaaaamazing Divine Moxie League. 
  • Sign up for Pittsburgh Yoga Teachers if you would like to receive occasional local information regarding relevant workshops, teachings, content that would prove to be beneficial to enhancing and growing your yoga teacher tool belt ;) as well as the paradigm shifting Divine Moxie League!
What's cool about these lists is that you get to subscribe to as many as you would like! (and of course unsubscribe whenever you desire) 

Look forward to corresponding with you :D

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